New projects

Salle de montre à Lac-Mégantic

Showroom in Lac-Megantic

Many projects and pictures were added to the website, as well as a peek at our new showroom in Lac-Megantic.

In Kitchens, contemporary projects Chocolate Milk Mousse and Gelato Espresso, as well as a country kitchen (Pouding Chômeur) and a classic one (Maple Delight) steal the show.

In the Bathrooms section, oasises of calm are unveiled: Desert Island (country) and Sunset (contemporary).

Salon de coiffure - Mobilier moderne

Hair Salon - Well-being Space

A special project had us furnishing a hair salon (Well-being Space). You will find it in the “Custom work” section.

Here is hoping these images will inspire you! Let us create your dream room…

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